Version 7.0 Based on Android 13
Coming Soon...
Version 6.4 Based on Android 12L
Initial 12.1/12L and maybe last before A13 release XD
August security patch
Seem like A12 ancient, and add more features im lazy write changelog again XD
Add smartcharging
Add battery health
Add AncientUI Clock ( more clock style ) and switchable to stock AOSP UI
Add Ancient Settings Style ( more style)
Add Custom Background Picker for settings homepage, with frosted effect Blur and Layer option
Add Custom Settings Avatar
Add Landscape Battery Originally by Ancient OS
Add 2 Style only Statusbar Dual Bar 
Add StatusBar Height Style
Add Data Icon Style
Add Data Icon Custom Position
Add Battery, Wifi, Signal Icon Custom Dimensions
Add Custom Charging Icons and Symbols
Add Settings Base Layout Style and its customize, include scrim custom
Add Corner Radius Style
Add Brightness Style
Add Volume Style
Add Volume and Brightness Percentage
Add About Phone Style 
Add Ancient Setting Style
Add Setting Switch Style 
Add Ancient Lockscreen Clock Style
Add Navigation Icon Style
Add Pill Custom
Add Expanded Volume and Left Volume
Add Qs Footer Animation
Add Qstile Background Style
Add QsTile Columns and Rows
Add Qs Panel Blur and Custom Background
Add QsTile Tint Active Inactive Custom
Add Qs Background Opacy
Add DataUsage and its Placement ( near the qs clock and bottom of notification shade )
Add Ancient Header Image 
Add Full Width Notification
Add Statusbar Custom Padding
Add Ram Info and Style in Launcher3
Add Material Dissmiss Button 
Add Material Dissmiss Button Custom Icon and Background
More you can explorer XD
Version 6.2 Based on Android 12
January security
Improve FPS Info
Update GMS
Enable carrier label for all
Improve brightness slider
Improve ambient music
Improve pocked mode
Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation
Reduce screenshot delay
Don't crash QS panel when not using media player
Allow user to select low power Refresh rate
Change network traffic from aosp krypton impl
Add toogle bluetooth batery level
Add allow to pulse new track in ambient music
Add ambient pulse light
Add quick unlock compatible with long pin/pass
Add notification count
Add TouchGesture
Add allow schedulling AOD
Add lockscreen charging info
Add superdart, vooc, warp, dash
Add extend swipe /"L" back swipe to trigger action/app/activities
Add custom udfps icon
Add FOD color pressed
Add some fix NPE
Add allow user to disable night light on FOD
Add haptic feedback optional on back gesture
Add UDFPS haptic feedback optional
Add udfps icon and animation
Add new bootanimation
Add toogle signature spoofing
Add Extend Pulse QS Panel
Add pulse custom grafity and center mirror
Add pulse vertical mirror
Add icon pack style
Add font style
Add shape style
Add double tap to trigger doze
Add Theme color
Add disable secure on LS
Add toogle mic/camera privacy indicator
Add toogle location indicator
Add screen of animation
Add allow forcing small keyguard
Add rounde line pulse
Add toogle floating rotation button
Add qs columns count settings
Add max icon notification custom
Add flashlight on incoming call
Add wifi timeout
Add bluetooth timeout
Add more volte and vowifi icon
Add custom rate in screen record
Add volume dialog timeout
Add alert slider
Add BT Qti
Add Settings Homepage Style
Add Lockscreen Clock Style
Add Lockscreen Clock font (only for some for now)
Add Lockscreen Clock Custom Background (only for some for now)
Add More Landscape Battery Style
Add More StatusBar Signal Wifi Icon Style
Add More Qstile Background Style
Add Transparent Statusbar Clock with custom background
Add More Qs Clock
Add Brightness Slider Style
Add Volume Seekbar Style and Background color
Add Volume Percentage and its Placement
Add Toggle to leftside Volume panel
Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Signal icon
Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Wifi icon
Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Battery icon
Add Corner Radius Style
Add Custom Size Pill Gesture Navigation Bar
Add Navigation Bar Icon Style
Add Extended Volume Panel
Add Datausage monthly on Qs Clock ( toggleable )
Add Edge gesture dead zone
Add screen height for back gestures
Add Game Space from aosp krypton
Add more custom icon theme pixel launcher